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June 11, 2008

Three million Medibank Private members, three million stories

Medibank Private is celebrating the milestone of reaching three million resident members over the weekend with the birth of a number of babies, one being Lachlan Gates at St Vincents & Mercy Private in Melbourne.

Lachlan was born on Sunday 8 June to excited parents Emily and Lukas Gates, who have been Medibank Private members for 20 years. Lachlan's proud Grandmother Kate, also a Medibank Private member, was at the hospital to share the excitement and welcome Lachlan into the world.

For Emily and Lukas, private health insurance is a fundamental part of their household budget, which gives them the security of having their own doctor to attend the birth and the comfort and security of being able to choose to have their baby at St Vincents & Mercy Private.

"Our health is very important to our family and we have no hesitation renewing our insurance policy each year. Lachlan is our first child, and we both wanted to have him in a private hospital, specifically St Vincents & Mercy Private. We also wanted to share our first night together as parents and being here at St Vincents & Mercy Private means that Lukas can stay with Lachlan and me. Having the Member Liaison officer visit us whilst in hospital just demonstrated to us how committed Medibank is to providing a complete service. "

"We're very pleased with the high degree of care and support that both St Vincents & Mercy Private and Medibank have provided, and most importantly, Lachlan and I are comfortable and feel very safe and secure." Emily said.

Medibank Private Managing Director, George Savvides, said Lachlan's enrolment comes at an exciting time of growth in Medibank Private's membership.

"In the last two years Medibank Private has experienced a level of growth not seen since the introduction of Lifetime Health Cover in 2000. We have welcomed many newborns like Lachlan into the Medibank family. It is fair to say that the past 12 months has been a turbulent time for the industry and our members, but we are proud that we continue to deliver first class service for our Members. Medibank Private has grown by 92,234 members so far this financial year.

"Growing and retaining membership is one of Medibank Private's corporate goals, and we invest a great deal into ensuring that our brand is strong and backed up by great value products and the best customer service. Our Member Liaison service is just one of the ways we touch their lives and continue to improve the services we provide for our members.

"To see us now, with three million Australian residents - and many more visitors - as members, makes me immensely proud of the efforts of everybody at Medibank."

Medibank Private Liaison Officer, Pauline, who had the pleasure of adding Lachlan to the funds membership, admitted it's not everyday she gets to be a part of history.

"It is part of my role and a privilege to visit parents and arrange for their baby to be added to their family membership, and while they are all very special, knowing that Lachlan could possibly have been the three millionth member made it particularly so."

Medibank Private's last major membership milestone occurred in December 1999 when the fund surpassed two million members.

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