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August 6, 2007

Healthy outlook for local private hospital2

There is good news for Tweed & Gold Coast residents with John Flynn Private Hospital being recognised nationally for its innovation and commitment to patient quality and safety.
The hospital has received a $28,000 grant from the Medibank Private Safety and Clinical Improvement Incentive Pool to fund a project that will ensure the hospital meets the highest standards for the management of acute stroke. Treatment of stroke has advanced considerably and the aim of the project is to ensure that all patients suffering from acute stroke are treated according to the current best practice standards.
At a presentation ceremony held at the hospital today, John Flynn Private Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Hill spoke about the hospital's commitment to the standards of patient safety and clinical quality.
"By reviewing our current management of patients with acute stroke here at John Flynn, we will be able to ensure that early diagnosis & interventions occur as soon as possible after the patient presents to our Emergency Department. This project will also include a timely and seamless referral process for appropriate patients to our inpatient rehabilitation unit," he said.
"We are thankful to Medibank Private for this generous grant which has allowed the hospital to engage all the key stakeholders involved in the care of patients suffering from acute stroke. This grant will allow us to develop a comprehensive education package for all levels of staff, patients & their families which will improve outcomes for our patients." Mr Hill said.
John Flynn Private hospital is one of 39 private hospitals Australia wide to receive funding from Medibank Private in support of quality and safety initiatives. Four other Queensland private hospitals - Greenslopes Private in Brisbane, Allamanda Private in Southport, Friendly Society Private in Bundaberg, and Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Rockhampton - were also recognised with an Incentive Pool grant.
More than one million dollars has been granted by Medibank Private to hospitals around Australia this year, with Queensland hospitals receiving a total of almost $155,000 to fund quality and safety projects. In the last two years Medibank Private has provided $1.9 million in funding for 74 quality and safety projects across 65 hospitals.
Medibank Private's Queensland General Manager Brian Loo praised the local projects as being of a particularly high standard.
"Quality and safety is emerging as the number one issue in Australian health care, especially here in Queensland, so it is great that local private hospitals are now being recognised for their effort and innovation.
"Australia has some of the best quality hospital care in the world, but there is always room for improvement, and improvement and innovation should be supported. Medibank is proud to take a leadership role in this area.
The lessons learned from the various quality and safety projects funded over the last two years will be shared throughout the health sector, extending the value of individual projects far beyond the hospitals in which they are run.

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