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October 6, 2006

Sydney Adventist Hospital advancing patient care

Patient care is being advanced by initiatives at the Sydney Adventist Hospital Wahroonga.

Medibank Private is supporting Sydney Adventist Hospital enhance the delivery of care, service and safety for which the Hospital is well known.

Recently identified as one of Australia's best with the granting of a four year accreditation by the Australian Council on Heathcare Standards, the Sydney Adventist Hospital is a finalist in the prestigious Australian Private Hospitals Association awards to be announced shortly.

A private not for profit organisation, the Hospital has been awarded $45,500 in total across two grants through the Medibank Private Safety and Clinical Improvement Incentive Pool, set up to support private hospitals to improve quality and safety.

At a presentation ceremony held at the hospital today Medibank praised Sydney Adventist Private Hospital's commitment to lifting the standards of patient safety and quality.

The hospital will use $30,000 to cover part of the expenses of an innovative Multi-Disciplinary treatment approach for cancer patients, also in part funded by the Cancer Institute of NSW.

Up to 260 new breast cancer patients and 250 colorectal patients are treated each year at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and have the opportunity to benefit from the Multi-Disciplinary approach.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team approach benefits patients by drawing together experts from various clinical fields. Evidence suggests that patients experience an improvement in key health outcomes such as mortality and quality of life when using a multi-disciplinary approach.

"The aim is to provide patients and their loved ones with the best possible management", said Dr Michael T Hughes, Surgical Oncologist and Chair of the Sydney Adventist Hospital's Multi-Disciplinary Breast Care Team.

"This is achieved by having everybody being aware of all the issues, in each case, and being involved in decision making.

"Multi-Disciplinary care implies that contentious and controversial issues can be openly debated, which in turn leads to a holistic and coordinated plan that is tailored to the individual. It ensures that patients have access to all the resources available.

"Finally, Multi-Disciplinary care improves the team through education and review," Dr. Hughes said.

A grant of $15,500 will be used to implement an improved national medication chart that will aim to reduce the risk of medication errors, an area in health identified as a priority by The Australian Council of Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC).

Medibank Private National Hospital Manager, Mr Russell Bateman, commented that Sydney Adventist Private's submission to the Medibank incentive pool was certainly one of the most outstanding from a total of 84 submissions, of which 34 were awarded grants.

"When our members go to hospital, they rightfully expect to receive the very best treatment and care possible. Medibank and private hospitals such as Sydney Adventist Private are working together to fulfil this expectation.

"Through Medibank's Incentive Pool, hospitals are supported to improve clinical outcomes through innovation and best practice.

"Medibank has had an overwhelming response from hospitals to take part in the incentive pool and we're very pleased that hospitals share our commitment to improving clinical outcomes," Mr Bateman said.


� The incentive pool is a national program sponsored by Medibank Private to support private hospitals to improve safety and clinical outcomes for patients
� Applications for funding focussed on innovation in areas including:
o Falls management
o Medication management
o Discharge planning and re-admission
o Clinical innovation
o Improving use of patient-related information
� 84 submissions from hospitals across Australia were submitted to Medibank for funding consideration
� 34 hospitals received grants to a total value of $907,488
� A pool of $1 million will be available for distribution in 2007


For further information please contact:
Libby Woolnough - Medibank Private
T. (03) 8622 5181 or 0411 659 060

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