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December 20, 2005

More Australians claiming health benefits

The annual Medibank Private Chart Toppers Index has again demonstrated the acute costs associated with ensuring a bill of good health.

The value of the top claim paid by Medibank Private, for the year ending 30 June 2005, peaked at nearly $275,000 and was paid out on behalf of a 65-year-old member undergoing major colorectal surgery.

The Medibank Private Chart Toppers Index is a review of Medibank Private member claims and benefit payouts, and ranks Medibank Private's Top 10 claims and most common reasons for hospitalisation.

This year's Index listed digestive treatments as the highest reason for Medibank Private members to go to hospital with close to 96,500 admissions and more than $118 million paid in benefits for the treatment.

More than $309 million was paid in benefits on behalf of members for Orthopaedic treatment - approximately $56.5 million higher than the previous financial year. The number of orthopaedic cases also rose by almost 10,000 from nearly 52,000 in 2003/2004 to nearly 62,000 in this Index.
Top 10 Benefit Payouts

TreatmentGenderTotal benefit Paid
Psychiatric (Eating Disorder)Female$188,728
Plastic Reconstructive SurgeryFemale$185,543
Urinary Tract InfectionMale$142,475
Intestinal CancerFemale$142,118
Cardiothoracic SurgeryMale$141,584
Cardiothoracic SurgeryMale$135,900

Top 5 reasons by number of admissions

Reason for AdmissionNumber of admissionsTotal benefitsHighest Claim
Digestive (Diagnostic endoscopies)96,450$118 m$135,688
Orthopaedic61,388$309 m$119,919
Neoplastic disorders (Cancer)53,556$27.9 m$84,550
Kidney & urinary tract51,766$39.5 m$52,351
ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat)46,771$42.8 m$ 96,117

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