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November 9, 2004

Reputex Social Responsibility Rating 2004 - Medibank Private outlook impressive

Reputex, today announced its 2004 Social Responsibility Ratings for Australian companies, essentially the Top 100 ranked by revenue. Medibank Private was amongst the companies ranked.

Medibank Private received a Reputex 'A' rating.

Medibank Private improved in their ranking, from 2003, across all four categories assessed by Reputex:
� Corporate Governance
� Environmental Impact
� Social Impact
� Workplace Practices

Medibank Private Managing Director, George Savvides said, "This impressive improvement on last year's ranking is testimony to our commitment to constantly improve all aspects of our business."

"It is evident that our understanding of the social impact of our business - on staff, our members, the wider community, and the environment - is positively evolving." Mr Savvides said.

Medibank Private was specifically ranked amongst the highest performers in the Australian corporate landscape in the area of Workplace Practices, with a rating of AA or 'High'.

Mr Savvides commented that he thought all Medibank Private staff should be proud of this achievement, as it is ultimately a result of the commitment of all staff who embrace and implement our policies and mission.

"We will continue to acknowledge the areas we have excelled in, such as Workplace Practices, and the areas where we can improve and evolve further in the future." Mr Savvides said.


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