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September 17, 2004

Medibank Private awarded for cultural diversity

Medibank Private, Australia's leading health fund, was awarded a Diversity@Work Award for creating a culture of inclusion and a workplace that draws on the culturally and linguistically diverse talents of all its staff. The Award was presented at a function in Melbourne on Thursday September 9.

Medibank Private won the 'Employment & Inclusion of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Australians' category for companies with more than 1000 employees.

Managing Director George Savvides said diversity in the workplace is a priority for Medibank Private and that the company has in place a variety of activities and initiatives that support and promote this organisational value.

"As a company Medibank Private is passionate about promoting diversity," said Mr Savvides.

"It is therefore a great honour to be recognised by external peers for raising the profile of diversity within our organisation, and with our members for doing what we believe to be is a core part of our company."

Medibank Private was recognised for the introduction of initiatives such as a Staff Translator List and Linguistic Allowance that rewards staff who use their skills in languages other than English to improve service to members. A cultural Awareness Book, a resource developed to assist staff with dealing with members from a variety of cultural backgrounds, was also praised.

The judges were impressed with the comprehensive nature of Medibank Private's undertakings, and the involvement of senior management in the program. They praised the ability of Medibank Private's initiatives to enrich the workplace whilst allowing for smoother communication with members.

The judges were also impressed by the way in which Culturally and Linguistically Diversity (CALD) is an everyday part of the work environment at Medibank Private.

Mr Savvides went on to say: "At Medibank Private, diversity means encouraging the broad spectrum of unique skills, perspectives, and values that influence our behaviour and the way we work and interact with others."

Diversity@Work is a social enterprise providing services that make organisations stronger through diversity and inclusion.

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