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December 9, 2003

Medibank Private premiums not materially impacted by Victorian Government liability reforms

Medibank Private will not experience a material impact in member premiums as a result of the Bracks Government’s reform agenda for public liability within Victoria.

The nation’s largest health insurer has reaffirmed that a suggested future impact on its members' premiums is both overstated and its extent unknown. It will be at least two years before any impact can be reasonably assessed, and there is no existing impact on members' premiums at this time.

While public liability changes may result in a shift in costs to Medibank Private, it will most likely be miniscule. In fact, the cost shift may be small enough to be borne by Medibank Private and not passed onto members.

While it has been correctly reported that Victorians do pay more for private health insurance than in other states, this is due to a range of demographic, hospital utilisation and varying health service costs. Under the National Health Act health funds are required to set prices by state boundaries.

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