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    Medibank retail store changes in response to COVID-19

    Medibank retail store

    The health and wellbeing of our team members and our customers is front and centre in our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

    Medibank is working around the clock to support our customers during this difficult and challenging time, including as always being available over the phone and via 24/7 web chat.

    This is a time when we need to be there for our customers, especially for those customers who are feeling uncertain. Our 24/7 Medibank Nurse and Medibank Mental Health Phone Support lines are available to eligible customers with hospital cover to provide more support during this difficult time.

    We have assembled a team from across the business, including our Chief Medical Officer, that is monitoring the situation closely with information from the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation. This team is overseeing the operational requirements of our business with sight of what we need to do now and an eye to potential scenarios for the future.

    In recent weeks our customers have shown an increasing desire to use our phone and 24/7 web chat, as more Australians heed the Australian Government’s advice on social distancing.

    With this in mind, and with the health and wellbeing of our people and customers as a top priority, we are making some changes to our retail store network.

    From Monday 23 March 2020, our retail footprint will be reduced to 76 stores across the country. Around half of our open stores will operate Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other half will operate Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This means we will have full daily coverage across our store network for our customers, with many customers able to visit nearby stores on alternate days if they choose. A full list of new store opening hours is available at https://www.medibank.com.au/locations/#/.

    We strongly encourage customers to maximise social distancing and take advantage of our customer support team on the phones and 24/7 web chat or use the My Medibank app for claims and other simple service items. Customers can also continue to send in claims via post (Medibank Private Limited, GPO BOX 2984, Melbourne VIC 3001).

    For the stores that will remain open, we are continuing to work with our people across Australia to ensure they meet the highest standards of hygiene and we have also increased the frequency of cleaning.

    If customers do need to visit one of our stores, please only do so if you are well, have not recently travelled overseas, have not been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, are not waiting on a coronavirus test result, or if you should be in self-isolation, and be sure to follow the Government’s social distancing guidelines of 1.5 metres.

    We can reassure our customers that we are focused on continuing to provide the best possible customer service during this unprecedented event and doing our part to prevent any spread of the virus as well as supporting the health and wellbeing of our people.

    Employees impacted by store closures will be redeployed across other customer channels, and in most instances will be working remotely.

    We thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this time.

    We also thank our exceptional retail team who have continued to service and reassure our customers during these challenging times.

    We have taken these precautionary steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and to ensure that we are able to continue to service our customers in a way that suits their needs during this time.

    Our response will continue to be measured and in line with protecting the health and wellbeing of all Australians and supporting the incredible work that our nation’s healthcare workers are doing for all of us.

    As always, Medibank customers can call 132 331, log onto the My Medibank app as well as use 24/7 web chat via the Medibank website for any enquiries, as well as post claims.

    Outside of our retail network, the vast majority of our employees across the country have been working from home.

    Medibank is also helping to support the health and wellbeing of our employees with the introduction of paid Special Leave of two weeks to support any team member (permanent, fixed term or casual) who may be affected by coronavirus.

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