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  • Michelle Zydower
    Michelle Zydower

    External Affairs Manager

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    Weight loss and exercise helping to manage osteoarthritis

    An Australian first trial exploring whether diet and exercise may help people manage symptoms of osteoarthritis-related knee pain, has found 80% of participants achieved significant improvements in pain.

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    Rewarding Australians for taking preventative health actions

    As part of a continued focus on preventative health, Medibank is rewarding eligible customers with 750 Live Better Rewards points this month for doing a skin check at home.

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    Build your own extras to support your health needs

    Medibank customers will become the architect of their own extras cover with the launch of a new product that lets them choose and pay for the bundles of services they need.

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    Excitement sky high ahead of travel resuming

    New research by Medibank Travel Insurance has found 76% of people in Australia believe only those who are fully-vaccinated from COVID should be able to fly interstate.

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    New restrictions lead to the temporary closure of retail stores in Canberra

    Medibank will temporarily shut 3 stores in Canberra from 5pm today following the announcement of a 7-day lockdown due to a case of COVID-19.

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    Increasing support for international students navigating Australia’s healthcare system

    Medibank is making it easier for international students to access the right healthcare while taking some of the confusion out of navigating Australia’s healthcare system by providing access to an online GP service.

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    Rewarding customers for getting the COVID-19 jab

    Medibank is stepping up its support of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out by rewarding customers for getting the jab.

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    Medibank to temporarily close Victorian stores following the announcement of a snap lockdown

    **Update** Medibank will tomorrow (Tuesday 10 August) reopen its regional Victorian stores following an easing of restrictions in regional Victoria.

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    Medibank stores in South-East Queensland to temporarily close due to COVID-19 lockdown

    **Updated** Medibank stores in South-East Queensland have reopened today (9 August) after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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