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  • Craig Drummond
    Craig Drummond


    We need to challenge the status quo to achieve gender equality

    It’s important that businesses challenge the status quo, it’s important they call things out as they see them and listen to their people and, particularly, the women in their business.

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    Patient choice is key for ongoing healthcare needs

    Medibank at Home is offering patients choice in where their healthcare is delivered. Hospitals are, and remain, the home of acute care, but many of our customers could have their rehab, chemo or dialysis at home, enabling them to get on with their lives.

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    How a world champion is helping to shape Medibank

    Disability shouldn’t be a barrier to seeking advice, services and care, or establishing a meaningful career. That’s why we’ve launched Medibank’s first ‘Accessibility & Inclusion Plan’.

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    A lack of transparency in healthcare is driving suspicion

    Our industry has an ongoing challenge to balance rising costs and affordability while meeting the needs of our customers, who want to know what their healthcare experience will be like and what it will cost.

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    Let's talk about domestic violence

    It's time more organisations recognise that domestic and family violence is a community problem and companies have a role to play in offering access to the support their employees need.

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    Medibank to publish patient feedback on hospitals for the first time

    More than 30,000 Medibank customers have responded to our survey and next month, we’ll publish this data on our website for the first time, for anyone to look at and compare hospitals.

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