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    The power of a purpose driven organisation

    Craig Drummond

    It’s been three years since I started at Medibank and I continue to be struck by the extraordinary power of a deep purpose driven organisation. I can personally vouch for the value of a strong company culture. It’s unifying and humbling to see how determined our people are to achieve our purpose of Better Health for Better Lives.

    We are a very different business to the one we were three years ago. In 2016 customers rang, wrote and emailed me saying your people have promised to call me, email me and help me but four, six, eight weeks later I have never heard from them....so I have spoken to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman and changed funds! This was a daily occurrence for us.

    The lesson from our customers was clear – deliver what you promise – and preferably over deliver.

    We narrowed our focus and really concentrated on some critical areas. This initially drove some small wins, which then built the confidence and belief in the team, which then drove more aspiration and larger wins and helped us develop a positive approach to change.

    Our substantial shift to a customer outcomes focused culture is what I’m most proud of. We won’t always get everything right, but we will keep trying. Times may have changed, but I never forget where we have come from, and the respect and urgency we need to have for our reason for being...to serve our customers.

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