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    A year in review - Medibank in 2020

    Annual and Sustainability Reports 2020

    Today we released our annual report on the ASX and published our first ever standalone sustainability report. These reports look beyond the financials and highlight the tangible ways we sought to create value for our customers, community, people and shareholders during the year. And what a year it has been, with the COVID-19 pandemic and extended bushfire season presenting unprecedented challenges for many Australians.

    While an annual report is a regulatory document, we also look for it to showcase what Medibank is about and what we aspire to do and why. It also highlights some of the ways we delivered against our overarching strategy – to differentiate and grow our private health insurance business, and to transform into a broader healthcare company.

    Our sustainability report reflects our growing focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements of our business. It outlines the issues that are most important to our stakeholders and how we are responding to make the biggest impact.

    I am proud of what we achieved this year. From the more than $185 million in financial support in response to COVID-19, through to our advocacy and leadership in the areas of healthcare affordability, choice and better health outcomes – our focus on customers has not wavered. But we have also focused on other ways we can make a positive impact – whether it be on our people, the broader community, the environment, or how we operate as a business.

    Some highlights include:

    • Investing $9.5 million in community projects and partnerships
    • Maintaining our carbon neutral status as well as our low carbon portfolio for domestic and international equities
    • Leading in the areas of gender equality, LGTBI inclusion, and disability access and inclusion
    • Spending $400,000 with Indigenous businesses, up from $25,000 three years ago
    • Allocating $1.2 million to fund 17 external health research projects
    • Responding to some of the nation’s biggest health and social issues, including mental health and domestic violence, both within our business and in the community
    • Achieving some of our highest ever numbers for employee volunteering and workplace giving

    We have a passionate team of people here at Medibank who work to deliver on our Better Health for Better Lives purpose. These reports are both testament to the work they do every day to deliver on this. But there’s always more to do. And this will continue to drive us in FY21 and beyond.

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