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    We’re here for our customers through every stage of their hospital journey

    Hospital visit

    While hospital care is an essential part of treatment for many health conditions, the mere mention of the word hospital can be confronting and provoke feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty for so many people.

    Through conversations and feedback from our customers, we developed a program to support them through the entire hospital journey. To complement that, we have now launched a new online Hospital Assist Hub.

    The Hospital Assist hub has a range of information to help customers including Hospital Experience Scores, Procedure Cost Estimator and Find a Provider. We also created three key stages of the hospital journey, to make the experience simpler for our customers.

    Stage 1: Explore your treatment options: Make an informed decision about surgery or alternative care options. Choose your specialist and your hospital. Explore both private and public hospital options.

    Stage 2: Going to hospital: Confirm the treatments that are covered under your policy. Know what to expect from your hospital stay. Be fully informed of your out-of-pocket costs upfront, and any affordable care options available.

    Stage 3: Recovering from hospital: Is 'at home recovery' an option for you? Learn how to stay healthy when you get home from hospital and beyond, and make sure your claims and care are organised.

    Our Health Concierge team is continuing to proactively reach out to customers who are planning a hospital visit. They are guiding them through what health services they are covered for, the choices they have for their care and recovery and ways to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

    Our team of experts is there throughout the hospital journey to offer support and answer any questions whether through Health Concierge or the 24/7 Medibank Nurse phone service.

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