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  • Dr Linda Swan
    Dr Linda Swan

    Chief Medical Officer

    Health Research at Medibank: Australia’s world-renowned medical researchers continue to deliver results despite pandemic

    COVID-19 disrupted traditional healthcare delivery in 2020, but it also gave Australian researchers the chance to demonstrate their world-renowned agility, teamwork and incredible scientific knowledge. We proudly supported 17 research projects this year.

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    Flattening the mental health curve

    We’ve been working to adapt or expand our mental health support services to be there for Australians during COVID-19 and beyond

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    Australia’s challenging health report card

    The new national report card on Australia’s health is a confronting glimpse of what’s facing our health system over the next decade. This report should be a call to action on the power of prevention over cure.

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    Researching our way to better health

    Medibank has invested $1.6 million and partnered with more than 30 organisations to focus on key health priorities that impact the quality of life for millions of Australians and cost the health system billions each year

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    We know what the issues are, so let’s get on and fix them together

    This week, we've heard a lot about the challenges Australia's high-quality health system faces. We may have different perspectives on the way forward, but there is a great deal the healthcare sector agrees on.

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    What healthcare providers need to know ahead of Government reforms

    The next phase of the Federal Government’s reforms to the private health sector will start to come into effect from 1 April, so its important hospitals and healthcare providers understand how these reforms may impact their patients.

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