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    Liz Green

    External Affairs Manager

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    New research project into how young people experience loneliness and to develop a model of care

    A new project aims to form a national picture on how younger Australians experience loneliness during life transitions and build a model of care to support them

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    2024 healthcare trends and innovations

    What change might we expect to see coming to healthcare in 2024?

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    Australia’s most connected generation is also the most lonely

    We've launched a new season of our We Are Lonely podcast which highlights the reality of loneliness in Australia as experienced by young people

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    Youth mental health and wellbeing key to the future of employment

    Two years of disrupted learning and work experience has had a significant impact on a generation of young people entering the workforce.

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    New telepsych clinic pilot to give Australians faster access to vital mental health services

    To help people access mental health support faster, we're trialling a telepsychology clinic to reduce wait times from up to 3 months to just 2 weeks

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    ahm customers to get next wave of COVID customer support

    ahm customers will again have another year to use their unclaimed FY22 extras annual limits for a range of health services, in a further give back recognising the impacts of COVID.

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    Are the kids alright? It depends on who you ask

    Parents are underestimating the psychological toll the COVID pandemic has had on young people, believing they are coping much better than they are.

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    Medibank alerts customers to 6 month deferral of premium increases, taking COVID customer financial support to around $463 million

    Medibank and ahm customers have begun receiving notifications about the 6 month deferral of the premium increases that were due to take place in April

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    Healthcare trends and innovations 2022 and beyond

    From increased personalisation and more remote monitoring, here are some of trends and innovations that are changing the face of healthcare

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