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    Why Medibank believes in volunteering

    The Medibank team making Trauma Teddies for the Australian Red Cross

    As Medibank transforms into a broader healthcare company, I believe we have a responsibility which goes beyond our own customers in supporting the health and wellbeing of the wider community.

    Medibank’s purpose of ‘better health for better lives’ includes all Australians, which is why every employee is provided with a ‘Volunteer Day’ each year - eight hours which can be split up and used in service to the community. I can give blood, serve food to the homeless, deliver Meals on Wheels and help at animal shelters, or assist with any community group that resonates with me. And it feels good too!

    For employees keen to get involved while at work, Medibank recently partnered with the Australian Red Cross on a ‘Trauma Teddy’ sewing day. These handmade teddies are sent out in care packages from the Australian Red Cross to families who have experienced a natural disaster, along with other essentials goods, clothing and household items.

    Trauma Teddies 2

    This week (23-29 September) marks the Australian Red Cross’ annual Emergency Prep Week campaign.

    Team volunteering days are an important reminder of what may be a tough Australian summer ahead, especially with bushfires and cyclones. Sadly, the services of the Australian Red Cross are already being needed for an early fire season in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

    Medibank’s vision for volunteering is to inspire every employee to support to a cause they care about, at a time and place that works for them. Giving back fosters a connection to our community and positively impacts our personal wellbeing too.

    We want to make sure giving back is easy and simple. We have regular dedicated volunteering workshops which I’m happy to say are always filled. We’ve also recently teamed up with the charity Eat Up, with our team making 1444 sandwiches for school children.

    Sandwich making 1

    I am proud to work at Medibank, where our values drive our purpose, and giving back to our community is celebrated and supported in every possible way.

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