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    Why ahm is inspired by technology disruptors


    As the General Manager of ahm it’s always good to speak to and listen to fellow industry leaders. Today I presented a keynote address to the Financial Services Summit in Melbourne.

    As one of Australia’s fastest growing health insurers, ahm is in a unique position. We joined the Medibank Group in 2009 and have experienced rapid growth in the past four years. I believe we’ve done that by getting the basics right.

    Our customers love a good deal. They want things to be simple and easy. My presentation was titled ‘Black, White, Dynamite’ - it represents our two-tone branding and it also stands for what we do every day – cutting through the jargon, providing market leading value and prioritising what’s important for our customers. The ‘dynamite’ comes through knowing our customers and attracting a lot of them!

    ahm customers are just like the people I employ – they’re happy to go online and talk to someone on the phone – so we’ve made it easier to do both. But that’s just business as usual. Our customers demand more, so rather than look to see what other health insurers are up to, we look to disruptors like Netflix, Uber and Spotify – brands our employees and customers love. These services aren’t clunky. They’re streamlined and intuitive.

    The next challenge for all companies is how to maintain a personalised experience. All ahm employees, including myself, regularly call our customers. I’m proud to say, that won’t change as we continue to grow.

    Jan O'Keefe ahm

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