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    Top names revealed for new pets during COVID-19


    Luna has topped the list as the most popular name for new dogs and cats during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

    New data from Medibank Pet Insurance has found Luna, which in Latin means moon, was the most common dog name followed by Bella, Archie and Charlie.

    The most popular cat names were Luna, Nala, Simba and Coco.

    Chief Customer Officer David Koczkar said a survey by Medibank Pet Insurance found that almost 50 per cent of Australians are willing to spend at least $1,000 to support their pet’s health and wellbeing.

    The research also reveals that 18 per cent of pet owners surveyed are willing to spend $5,000 to support their pet’s health.

    “We know that pets play such an important role in Australian households, so much so they are considered a member of the family,” Mr Koczkar said.

    “Now more than ever, as we deal with the impacts of COVID-19 our pets are providing us with some much-needed support and love to get us through this difficult time. Medibank Pet Insurance gives us peace of mind that they are taken care of in case of unexpected injury or illness.”

    “Personally, my dogs have helped me and my family through the lockdown period by getting us outside more regularly for walks, which also ensures we look after our own health and wellbeing.”

    Gold Coast resident Juliet Stewart had to rush her beloved miniature dachshund Stella to the vet during recent COVID-19 restrictions when the 10-year-old suddenly became ill.

    “It was really difficult to see Stella in distress. She had a high temperature and was shaking. I couldn’t have imagined that only days later she would have her gall bladder removed and the vet bill would exceed $11,000,” Ms Stewart said.

    “I was lucky to have taken out pet insurance three years ago and had most of my claim paid out in only a matter of days.

    “It’s difficult to imagine my life without Stella. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to keep Stella alive because as I found out recently, you don’t realise the important part they play in your life until they are not there. So pet insurance gives me peace of mind that she’s taken care of.”


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