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    The Impact is You

    Duration: 1:40 | Size: 115.52 MB

    ‘Better Health for Better Lives’ isn’t just an aspiration at Medibank and ahm – it’s a purpose we live every day by committing to put the health and wellbeing of our people, community and our customers first.

    Driven by our values – ‘Customer First’, ‘Own It, Do it’, ‘Show Heart’ and ‘One Team’, we have built an inclusive culture that prioritises health, helps our people feel supported to think about our customers and their colleagues when they make decisions, and to bring diverse ideas to life.

    It starts by finding small ways to collaborate and improve what we do for our customers, in order to create a bigger impact on the health of all Australians. Everyone can make an impact. That’s why we’ve designed our new campaign about our people – ‘The Impact is You’.

    This emphasises the meaningful conversations our people have with each other, in the community and with our customers. We are also posing the question to prospective employees – if you were to join Medibank or ahm, what will you do to impact bigger?

    This question can be asked in a multitude of ways given the diversity of our business.

    For example, if you’re a nurse working in telehealth, will you provide health advice on a national scale? If you work in home-based care, will you care for those who need it most? If you work in digital, will you lead digital transformation? If you work directly with our members, will you prioritise customer health? 

    In return, what do our people get? After a lot of research, we’ve broken down what our people have told us is important to them into three key areas:

    • Care – We believe in health and wellbeing, flexible working, employee benefits, an inclusive and safe environment and community giving (among other things).
    • Support – Through fundamental aspects like connection to (and compassion for) colleagues, learning and development programs, clarity of role expectations and a commitment to purpose and values.
    • Energy – Through our connection to vision and purpose ‘Better Health for Better lives’ with innovative programs, and strategic thinking and meaningful work in an evolving business.

    Our aim is to provide a healthy future at Medibank that provides the care, support and energy our people need to feel connected to our purpose and to each other – no matter where or how they work.

    If you follow Medibank on LinkedIn, you’ll soon see a series of videos featuring our people as they share what working at Medibank and ahm means to them, and how they’re making an impact on the health of Australians.

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