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    New directors join Medibank Private board

    Medibank Private welcomed the Australian Government's announcement today naming Ms Elizabeth Alexander AM and Professor Leanne Rowe as its two newest board members.

    Elizabeth Alexander is currently Chairman of CSL Limited and a Director of Dexus Property Group, and serves on the Board of the Australian International Health Institute. As Chair of the Australia Prudential Regulatory Authority's Risk and Audit Committee, Chair of the Audit Committee of the Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Chair of University of Melbourne's Finance Committee, Ms Alexander brings with her enormous experience in risk management and financial strategy.

    Professor Rowe has extensive experience across the health sector including working as a rural GP and immediate past Chairman of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She was recently awarded an Order of Australia and the prestigious Rose Hunt Medal for service to Medicine. She is an expert in primary care and has written on the benefits of healthy lifestyles. She currently serves as Deputy Chancellor of Monash University.

    Chairman Paul McClintock welcomed Professor Rowe and Ms Alexander's appointments to the board.

    "It is an interesting and challenging time for private health insurance, and for Medibank Private it is also an exciting phase with the proposed acquisition of ahm. The board is fully involved in the direction of business and the skills and knowledge of Professor Rowe and Ms Alexander will be highly valuable in this new environment," Mr McClintock said.

    Managing Director George Savvides joined Mr McClintock in welcoming Professor Rowe and Elizabeth Alexander.

    "On behalf of management and staff I welcome the new Directors. We look forward to working with them to help fulfil Medibank Private's vision of making our members better off for being a part of the fund," Mr Savvides said.

    The new Directors are appointed for three year terms. Elizabeth Alexander's term commenced on 23 October 2008, with Professor Rowe's commencing from 17 December 2008.


    For further information please contact:
    James Connors - T. (03) 8622 5163 or 0433 992 677
    E: james_connors@medibank.com.au

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