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    Medibank extends 24/7 nurse and mental health support services to all health insurance customers

    Medibank Nurse
    • Every Medibank health insurance customer now has access to 24/7 health support services
    • 24/7 nurse support service also extended to chat via app

    Medibank has opened up its flagship health support phone services to all its health insurance customers, including those with Extras and ambulance cover.

    Medibank Chief Customer Officer Milosh Milisavljevic said expanding its 24/7 nurse and mental health support lines would give an extra 700,000 customers access to round the clock health support services.

    “Our customers’ health does not run on a 9 to 5 weekday schedule, and neither do we," said Mr Milisavljevic.

    “Having access to health support at any time of the day or night is a valuable resource for our customers and will potentially help them avoid unnecessary trips to their GP or emergency department.

    “This support will also be welcome in regional and rural areas where access to health services can be more limited. If you live in an area with fewer GPs, or your GP is 100 kilometres away, having our nurse support service one call away is a great option to have.

    “With the current challenges in the health system, whether that’s busy emergency departments or access to GPs, we think the expansion of these service will help relieve some of these pressures too."

    In addition, the 24/7 nurse support service is now available via chat through the My Medibank app.

    “Being able to message a nurse via our app is something we know will appeal to many customers, including younger people who may prefer to chat with a nurse rather than call.

    “We want our customers to know we’re here to support them with their health and that we have registered nurses and experienced, qualified mental health professionals on standby to do just that.

    “Many of the queries through the service are general in nature, such as questions about medications or checking cough and cold symptoms. At other times, the queries can be more serious and require an ambulance to be called. In many of these cases, a customer has not realised how serious their symptoms are, and the nurse has directed them to get the immediate medical attention they need."

    The top 5 reasons for calling the 24/7 nurse phone line:

    • Medications enquiry
    • Abdominal pain
    • Postoperative problems
    • Cold and flu/cough
    • Chest pain

    Top 5 reasons for calling the 24/7 mental health support line:

    • General stress
    • Worry
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Adjustment and loss (grieving)      

    Medibank’s overseas student customers (OSHC customers) can continue to access the 24/7 Medibank Student Health and Support Line.

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