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    Medibank announces changes to Executive Leadership Team


    Medibank today announced changes to its Executive Leadership Team structure, as the company continues its transformation to become a broader healthcare company.

    Medibank Chief Executive Officer David Koczkar said the changes that we are announcing today will help us focus on what matters for our customers – providing them with greater choice and, with our partners, be a driver of change within the health system.

    “We know that our customers continue to want more from us, and that there is more that we can do. It is important that we structure ourselves to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our company is evolving, and this needs to be reflected in the way we work and to support our growth,” Mr Koczkar said.

    “I am delighted to announce that Dr Andrew Wilson will commence in the role of Group Executive – CEO Health Services. Andrew’s experience and expertise within the health sector is an asset to the company and he is well placed to oversee our growth in becoming a broader health services provider.

    “Mark Rogers will take on expanded accountability as Group Executive – CFO & Group Strategy. Mark’s knowledge of our company, our sector and the broader market, as well as his previous experience in strategy development and M&A will be incredibly important as we look to expand our role in health, including through future inorganic growth.

    “I have also announced today two new roles, which will join the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). Group Executive – Customer Portfolios, responsible for our products and services, and our provider partnerships; and Group Executive – Customer & Brands, responsible for the Medibank and ahm brands, and our customer channels. Together these roles will be responsible for the growth of our core business and will replace my previous role as Chief Customer Officer.

    “We will begin recruiting for the two new roles immediately and will consider both internal and external candidates. While this recruitment is underway Fiona Le Brocq will act as the Chief Customer Officer. Other roles on the ELT remain unchanged.

    “We have a huge opportunity in front of us to continue our growth and deliver greater choices for our customers in their health and wellbeing and as they use the health system. Having the right team is paramount to achieving this.”

    Changes to the Executive Leadership Team structure will be implemented by 30 June 2021.

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