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    Medibank achieves carbon neutral goal


    Medibank’s operations are now carbon neutral, in line with our commitment to achieve this status by the end of the 2018 calendar year.

    As a health services organisation, Medibank recognises the science of climate change and its impact on human health. Further to this, we recognise that we have a responsibility to play our part in reducing carbon emissions.

    To act on this responsibility, Group Executive Kylie Bishop says Medibank measured its greenhouse gas emissions for the first time during the year.

    “It was important to get a baseline view of where Medibank is at and what areas we need to focus on to reduce our footprint,” Ms Bishop said.

    “This work is informing Medibank’s long-term environmental sustainability strategy as well as our approach to carbon offsets”.

    Medibank is supporting offset projects that deliver health and wellbeing advantages in addition to environmental benefits.

    One project is focused on wind-based power generation with the co-benefits of supporting unemployed youth and increasing access to preventative healthcare for local communities.

    Another project supports Indigenous fire managers and their partners in the customary burning and fire abatement in Arnhem Land, while also supporting the wellbeing of traditional custodians and biodiversity.

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