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    Connecting caregivers to health and other support services

    Caitlan and Liam

    We think carers are remarkable humans and deserve to be celebrated.

    At Medibank, almost 20 per cent of our employees identify as having caring responsibilities – those who care for elderly parents or family members with disability or chronic health conditions.

    It’s why we continue to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our employees with caring responsibilities through our leading approach to flexibility and targeted health and wellbeing programs.

    Our goal is to ensure our carers are better prepared, better supported and better connected right the way through their caring role.

    Flexible working

    We know that flexibility and work life balance have a tremendous impact on the lives and the health of our people, including our employees with caring responsibilities. It also has a huge impact on employee engagement and productivity in the workplace.

    We empower our people to determine the operating rhythms that work best for them to deliver great outcomes. And we support our people to work flexible hours and rosters and to take leave when they need it.

    For Caitlan who works in our employee experience team, being part of Medibank gives her the flexibility to be there for husband Liam and assist him to pursue whatever it is that makes him happy and get the most out of life.

    “My team has been a huge support for me. With the flexibility available, I know I can be there for Liam, but more importantly, I feel safe to speak up when times get tough,” she said.

    Her advice for others with caring responsibilities?

    “Never disregard the support you provide and the impact you have on someone’s quality of life, no matter how big or small.”

    Caregiver Support Program

    We know that navigating our health system can be really hard, and accessing things like funding or support services can be challenging, especially when people are trying to juggle work commitments and other life responsibilities.

    To prepare our people entering into a caring role, we deliver a Caregiver Support Program, offering employees access to tailored, confidential guidance from our own health concierges.

    Caregiver Support Program participant Kylie Williamson, said: “I know through my own personal experience that navigating our health system and accessing support services can be really challenging. I’m really proud of the work that Medibank is doing to create an inclusive environment and support carers.”

    Support networks and resources

    Last year, we refreshed our Carers Network designed to provide support and connection to our people with caring responsibilities.

    We also have a dedicated carers information hub on our intranet with information on how to connect with other carers at Medibank, tips for looking after your own mental wellbeing and other useful resources.

    According to Lia, a team leader in our health services business and member of our Carers Network:

    “I love connecting with our carers at Medibank to help create awareness of the different types of carers out there as well as celebrate those who need a helping hand in their everyday lives.”

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