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  • Mike Connell
    Mike Connell

    Corporate Health and Wellbeing

    Looking after our employee’s mental health in a new uncertain world

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought employee health to the fore, in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Now, there is a unique opportunity to continue this focus and progress the employee health agenda.

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    Are you looking after your mental health and wellbeing in the workplace?

    Corporate Australia needs to step-up and take an active role in the health and wellbeing of employees. Former AFL star and CEO of PukaUp Wayne Schwass believes employers need to be investing in the mental health of their people.

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    Why getting physical is good for business

    Does your business create road blocks for employees wanting to improve their physical health or do you enable it?

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    Are you comfortable talking about your mental health in the workplace?

    People don’t leave their health issues behind when they come to work, so how can leaders create a supportive workplace for all employees while still driving performance?

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