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    Rise in cancer patients accessing Medibank’s Health Concierge service

    Health Concierge

    Medibank has expanded its Health Concierge cancer support service to now assist all customers diagnosed with cancer, doubling the number of customers who will receive this specialised support as they access treatment.

    1 in 6 Medibank customers with cancer will have more than one type of therapy within 12 months of their diagnosis in order to treat their cancer, and Health Concierge is designed to help navigate the health system throughout this difficult period.

    Member Health Senior Executive Dr Catherine Keating said Medibank appreciates that a cancer diagnosis is an emotional time for our customers.

    “On top of the shock, you may be forced to make many quick decisions, for example – how to get to doctors’ appointments, where to find support networks, not to mention considerations around work and family – and finding trusted information and help can be overwhelming,” Dr Keating said.

    “By offering the concierge service to all customers with appropriate hospital cover, Medibank will support an additional 4,000 customers each year through the service, meaning more than 8,000 customers living with cancer will receive concierge support each year.

    “The Health Concierge cancer service provides reliable information on trusted support networks, gives practical support, and your concierge will check in to see how you are.

    “Our concierge team are sometimes the first person our customers speak to following treatment, and so we know how valuable this service is to them when they need support the most.”

    The service launched in 2017 to assist customers diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer, with 4,000 customers accessing it in its first year. There was a 43% increase in the number of customers we supported following the concierge service’s expansion in November 2018 to include lymphoma, lung, bladder and bowel cancers.

    “We are proud that Medibank’s Health Concierge cancer support service can now be accessed by all Medibank customers whatever their cancer diagnosis,” Dr Keating said.

    *All data is Medibank data only; does not include ahm.

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