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    NSW Minister for Health officially opens Liverpool Urgent Care Service at Myhealth

    Today The Hon. Ryan Park, NSW Minister for Health officially opened the Liverpool Urgent Care Service.

    Delivered by GPs at Myhealth and aimed to reduce presentations to Emergency Departments, the Minister said at the opening, “what we know is that Liverpool is home to one of the busiest Emergency Departments.” He added, “what we need to do as a Government is deliver health services to patients who require urgent care but are not sick enough to visit an ED. Last month alone this Urgent Care Service saw about 120 people, that’s 120 people who potentially didn’t need to present to an ED.”

    “These centres are already having a significant impact, the challenge now is to make sure that people know about this care option. It’s an important part of the healthcare puzzle, each time we can avoid people coming to ED we save space for those that need it most.”

    The NSW Government has committed $124 million over 2 years to deliver 25 Urgent Care Services in NSW by 30 June 2025. The Liverpool Urgent Care Service opened to patients in February 2024.

    Myhealth has also been engaged to deliver an Urgent Care Service in Ryde. Principal GP at Myhealth Liverpool, Dr Bishoy Marcus said, “I echo the Minister’s comments, as an example, there is a cohort of patients who have wounds, respiratory challenges and fractures who typically attend a hospital but in many cases we can support here, a wide spectrum of patients from a few days old to those in their 80s and 90s. The feedback has been amazing, with many saying they much prefer dropping in for 30 minutes than waiting in an ED”.

    Myhealth Liverpool is open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

    Earlier in the year Medibank increased its investment in Myhealth Medical Group from 49% to 90% recognising the critical role GPs play in prevention, early detection and ongoing care and support in the community.

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