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    My Home Hospital delivers care to 10,000 patients

    The My Home Hospital service has achieved a significant milestone, helping 10,000 patients receive acute hospital-level care in the comfort and privacy of their own home, including residential aged care and disability-supported facilities.

    My Home Hospital is an SA Health service delivered by a joint venture between Calvary and Amplar Health, offering treatment for patients in metropolitan Adelaide and the regions surrounding Gawler, Mount Barker, and the Southern Fleurieu.

    Eligible patients can be referred to the service by medical professionals, including GPs, nurse practitioners, the SA Virtual Care Service, SA Ambulance Service, or from a hospital Emergency Department (ED).

    Since commencing in January 2021, the My Home Hospital service provides hospital-level care by doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners to patients with specific conditions, diverting those people away from our metropolitan hospitals.

    As well daily visits from highly skilled nurses, patients are monitored using home health technology, giving round the clock virtual care.

    The service accepts referrals 24-hours a day, seven days a week, for treatment of a range of clinical conditions, as well as assisting with x-rays, blood tests, medications, and other support services that don’t necessarily require a physical hospital visit.

    These conditions include:

    • Infections requiring intravenous antibiotics, like cellulitis, pneumonia and mastitis
    • Exacerbation of respiratory conditions
    • Heart failure
    • Post-operative care
    • Gastrointestinal conditions
    • Other conditions for which in-home care is considered safe and appropriate.

    The Calvary Amplar Health Joint Venture, which delivers My Home Hospital is accredited under the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards. Quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies are in place to ensure that required standards for safety and quality are met.

    Executive Director Integrated Care Systems, Jeanette Walters said, “Being in familiar surroundings, close to your own family, friends and even pets, has immeasurable benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. My Home Hospital uses home health technology that is easy to use. It allows our nurses and doctors to stay in touch with the patient at any time, and to review their pulse, temperature and blood pressure as soon as the patient takes them. I congratulate the My Home Hospital team on this milestone and am proud of the choice it offers to South Australians who are suitable to receive their care at home.”

    Calvary Amplar Health Joint Venture, Chief Executive Officer Sarah McRae added, “Virtual Hospitals are the future of healthcare in Australia, providing relief to the stretched health system and delivering appropriate care where a patient is most comfortable. In the past 12 months, My Home Hospital has provided 19,000 bed days in the home rather than in hospital, patient satisfaction rates are considered world class and hospital acquired complication rates are significantly lower than a traditional bricks and mortar hospital. We are proud to deliver My Home Hospital on behalf of the South Australian Government - which is leading the way in virtual hospital delivery in this country.”

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