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    Medibank's 2019 Tax Report

    Medibank's 2019 Tax Report highlights

    We continue to support the Australian Government’s voluntary Tax Transparency Code – an initiative designed to encourage greater accountability and openness in the corporate sector.

    This is the fourth year Medibank has made our Tax Report publicly available.

    In releasing Medibank’s 2019 Tax Report, our business meets our tax obligations in a transparent way, providing publicly available reports and proactively informing regulators, customers, and our shareholders.

    Last financial year, Medibank paid $218 million in corporate income tax.

    In addition to income tax, Medibank also makes significant payroll and employer tax payments in Australia.

    In FY19, Medibank made its tax payments solely in Australia, reflecting our domestic presence. We are proudly Australian based – contributing to public finances as an employer of more than 3,800 people, and through compliance with corporate tax laws.

    We know that we have an obligation to pay our fair share – a share that contributes to the wider Australian community and to the continuity of universal healthcare.

    We are committed to ‘Better Health for Better Lives’ for all Australians.

    I present to you Medibank’s Tax Report for 2019.

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