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    Medibank reveals refreshed brand platform celebrating ‘Human Potential’

    Medibank has unveiled the latest iteration of its brand positioning, symbolising its evolution as a health company, and celebrating the benefits of health and wellbeing in a unique way.

    The refreshed brand platform supports Medibank’s 2030 vision to create the best health and wellbeing for Australia.

    The platform’s intent is to reframe how people think about themselves, which is often in a critical manner, when in fact, humans are incredible feats of evolution. The campaign starts by showing appreciation for the extraordinary things humans can do, and how humans can adapt. It’s ignited by the premise that health is much more than just functional - it is the enabler of human potential.

    Medibank Brand, Marketing & CX Senior Executive, Fiona Le Brocq, said Medibank has been on this journey for a number of years, with this iteration the latest evolution of the brand.

    “Medibank’s purpose is Better Health for Better Lives – as an organisation we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all people living in Australia. We are continuing our journey as a health company, and this latest iteration is the natural next step in our progression,” said Ms Le Brocq.

    Humans are remarkable creatures and capable of achieving extraordinary things. And when we have good health and wellbeing, we can be even better versions of ourselves. This is the idea behind our new brand campaign which celebrates health as an enabler of our potential, in a fun and creative way.

    “We believe the new brand platform will resonate with the Australian public who are increasingly focused on their health and wellbeing. We also believe the strategic positioning and creative platform is ground-breaking for the industry. We’ve really broken the category boundaries and are thinking more about the impact health and wellbeing can play in Australian culture.”

    This refreshed brand platform also includes an update to the Medibank consumer logo to include Live Better. The new logo is designed to amplify its existing Live Better platform.

    This is Medibank’s first creative work with ColensoBBDO. Medibank Human Potential communications will roll out nationally from July across TV, cinema, social, out of home, and digital formats.

    Link to TVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_dsxVM9yas

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