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    Medibank private continues to grow market share

    Australia's largest health insurer has garnered 31.5 per cent of the
    Australian private hospital insurance market, a 1 per cent increase on
    the previous quarter.

    The Medibank Private figure reflects the final surge of membership in
    July during the last two weeks of the Lifetime Health Cover period.

    Movements in Medibank Private Market Share
    The figures now bring the total number of people covered by Medibank Private
    closer to 3 million people.

    Despite having bolstered its membership base significantly during the
    LHC period, Medibank Private is not resting on its laurels and automatically
    assuming its members are content with their level of cover.

    "Currently, we are encouraging our new members in particular to review
    their cover," says Medibank Private managing director, Mark Burrowes.

    "We want to make sure our members have the most appropriate cover for
    their requirements and their stage of life," he says.

    "We accept that people's needs change continuously and where basic hospital
    cover may be appropriate for the young and healthy, this may change as
    people enter their 30s and 40s and require more extensive hospital and
    ancillary cover.

    "While some people are vigilant about regularly reviewing their levels
    of cover, others are less so and it is these people we are particularly
    eager to reach. Ultimately we want our members to be happy with their
    health insurance decision and satisfied that they spending their money