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    Medibank goes head-to-head in wheelchair basketball friendly

    Duration: 55 seconds | Size: 67.2 MB

    Not every business can boast that they have a champion Paralympian basketballer in their midst, but we can!

    Leanne Del Toso from our People and Culture team was just 19 years old when she developed a neurological condition known as Hereditary Sensory and Motor Neuropathy. She lost her ability to run, jump and balance on her own as well as lose weakness and sensation in her hands and feet.

    Not one to let anything hold her back she developed a passion for wheelchair basketball.

    Within her first year of playing, it was obvious she had talent, winning Best New Talent in the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League.

    A few short years later she went on to represent her country, by being selected to compete in the London Paralympic Games – winning silver! No small feat.

    She’s won a multitude of awards during her basketball career and is now coaching and mentoring young athletes.

    So, it was a no brainer, we had to enlist the help of Leanne to provide some (much needed) coaching to our people and executive leadership team, who went head-to-head in a wheelchair basketball match to mark International Day of People with Disability.

    We celebrate International Day of People with Disability every year to promote the participation and leadership of people with disability.

    In Australia, 4.3 million people live with disability and at Medibank 7.3 per cent of our people identify as having a disability.

    People with disability should be able to lead careers in a supportive and inclusive environment.

    We will always remain committed to removing any barriers that exist for people with disability, ensuring they have equal access to employment and better health. Leanne said it’s important for companies to not only celebrate International Day of People with Disability but to ensure diversity and inclusion is embraced.

    The impact this has in the workplace and broader community cannot be underestimated. It helps to remove barriers and opens up opportunities for people with disability.

    The event provided an opportunity for Medibank’s people to gain a relatable perspective on disabilities and better understand the community we service. It was also a fun way to acknowledge and celebrate some of the most amazing people who work at Medibank and their hard work.