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    Medibank cybercrime update


    Given the nature of the stolen data that the criminal continues to release on a dark web forum, we are in the process of contacting customers, and we urge our customers to reach out for support.

    “We will continue to support all people who have been impacted by this crime through our Cyber Response Support Program. This includes mental health and wellbeing support, identity protection and financial hardship measures,” Medibank CEO David Koczkar said.

    “If customers are concerned, they should reach out for support from our cybercrime hotline, our mental health support line, Beyond Blue, Lifeline or their GP.

    “I unreservedly apologise to our customers.

    “The continued release of this stolen data on the dark web is disgraceful.

    “Unfortunately, we expect the criminal to continue to release stolen customer data each day.

    The relentless nature of this tactic being used by the criminal is designed to cause distress and harm.

    "These are real people behind this data and the misuse of their data is deplorable and may discourage them from seeking medical care.

    “It’s obvious the criminal is enjoying the notoriety. Our single focus is the health and wellbeing and care of our customers.

    “We remain committed to fully and transparently communicating with customers and we will be contacting customers whose data has been released on the dark web,” he said.

    Given the sensitive nature of the stolen customer data that is being released on the dark web we continue to ask the media and others to support our ongoing efforts to minimise harm to customers, and not to unnecessarily download sensitive personal data form the dark web and to refrain from contacting customers directly.

    As part of Operation Guardian, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have said it is an offence to buy stolen data, which could be used for financial crimes.

    The AFP have also said law enforcement will take swift action against anyone attempting to benefit, exploit or commit criminal offences using stolen Medibank customer data.

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