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    Executive leadership team update

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    Medibank has announced a number of changes to its executive leadership team as part of its continued focus on delivering its strategy and 2030 vision, to deliver the best health and wellbeing for Australia.

    Medibank Chief Executive Officer David Koczkar said the changes are designed to ensure the focus and leadership of the organisation continues to evolve to meet the needs of its customers and a changing health system.

    As an organisation we are working hard to continue to meet the needs of our customers, while ensuring that we are contributing to improving health access and outcomes for people in Australia,

    “We know that digitisation has a big role to play in the future of health, and as a result we are introducing a dedicated role to the executive leadership team in this space.

    “We are also establishing a dedicated customer trust team. Customers expect more of the organisations they interact with, and we want to ensure we are meeting this challenge.

    “We are also adding a new role to the executive leadership team focused on health policy, advocacy and reputation, recognising the increasing role we play with health stakeholders in delivering more for the community.

    “Our strategy remains focused on delivering for our customers, and these changes will enable us to continue to best meet their needs in the future,” he said.

    The changes are:

    Group Lead – Chief Financial Officer & Group Strategy – Mark Rogers continues to hold this role with responsibility for finance, actuarial, treasury, internal audit, investor relations, strategy development and M&A. Mark adds procurement to his portfolio of responsibilities.

    Group Lead – Chief Customer Officer__ – Milosh Milisavljevic will take on this expanded role. This role brings together the Medibank and ahm brands including marketing, customer channels, customer portfolios, Live Better and diversified insurance.

    Group Lead – Chief Executive Amplar Health – Dr Andrew Wilson continues in this role. Andrew is responsible for Medibank’s growing role as a health services provider. This includes responsibility for the health services we deliver on behalf of business and government, including telehealth, in-home care, and our investments in primary care and ambulatory care.

    Group Lead – Digital & Ventures – Rob Deeming takes on a new role to accelerate our growth in health through the development of digitally-led health products and services for our customers and the community. Rob maintains his responsibility for the group digital team supporting our insurance and health businesses.

    Group Lead – Data & Technology – this role will have a dedicated focus on technology, data management and our core platforms. An internal and external recruitment process is underway. In the interim Kylie Williamson will continue to act in this role.

    Group Lead – Trust, Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary – Mei Ramsay will continue to hold this role, with responsibility for customer trust added to her existing portfolio of legal, governance, compliance and regulatory affairs. Mei continues as Company Secretary.

    Group Lead – People, Spaces & Sustainability – Kylie Bishop will continue to hold this role, with additional responsibility for spaces (property). Kylie continues to lead the key people functions, as well as leading our environmental, social and governance focus areas.

    Group Lead – Policy, Advocacy & Reputation – this is a new role to the executive leadership team. Meaghan Telford will have responsibility for government and industry relations, health stakeholders, health policy, reputation and external communications. Meaghan has been with the company for more than 7 years.

    These roles report directly to the CEO. The changes are effective 31 July 2023.

    New executive leadership team:

    • Chief Executive Officer, David Koczkar
    • Group Lead – People, Spaces & Sustainability, Kylie Bishop
    • Group Lead – Digital & Ventures, Rob Deeming
    • Group Lead – Chief Customer Officer, Milosh Milisavljevic
    • Group Lead – Trust, Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary, Mei Ramsay
    • Group Lead – Chief Financial Officer & Group Strategy, Mark Rogers
    • Group Lead – Policy, Advocacy & Reputation, Meaghan Telford
    • Group Lead – Data & Technology, Kylie Williamson (acting)
    • Group Lead – Chief Executive Amplar Health, Dr Andrew Wilson

    This announcement has been authorised for release by the CEO.

    For further information please contact:

    For media

    Emily Ritchie
    Senior Executive, External Affairs
    +61 429 642 418

    For investors/analysts

    Christina Nallaiah
    Head of Investor Relations
    +61 468 362 553

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