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    East Sydney Private Hospital expands facilities to deliver more short stay options to patients

    East Sydney Private Hospital

    East Sydney Private Hospital has today announced it has expanded its facilities, to meet the growing demand for short stay surgical options. The expansion will see the addition of two state-of-the-art theatres and 14 new beds, bringing the hospital's total capacity to eight theatres and 40 beds.

    To commemorate the occasion, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be performed by a robot, a nod to the hospital's dedication to innovation in healthcare.

    The new theatres on Level 6 will specialise in a range of orthopaedic procedures, including hip and knee replacements and spinal surgery. Led by a team of experienced surgeons, East Sydney Private Hospital aims to provide patients with the highest standard of care and the latest advancements in surgical techniques.

    Dr Razvan Stoita, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at East Sydney Private Hospital, highlighted the benefits of the hospital's new features, including the Zimmer 'ROSA' Robot. Designed to assist surgeons in tailoring the placement of knee implants, the ROSA Robot has the potential to offer faster recovery times and improved accuracy compared to traditional methods.

    "The addition of the ROSA Robot represents a significant advancement in joint replacement surgery," said Dr Stoita. He added, “The new theatres will also be equipped with the latest laser cleaning equipment, theatre temperature control, and audiovisual technology, giving surgeons the opportunity to perform procedures with enhanced precision and efficiency whilst minimising the risk of surgical site infections. It is hoped that these advancements not only improve patient outcomes but also contribute to relieving pressure on the broader health system by reducing hospital length of stay.”

    Medibank holds a 49% minority shareholding in East Sydney Private Hospital. This expansion aligns with their vision to improve access, choice and control in healthcare.

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