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    Cyber incident update


    Medibank Group has now restored access to our ahm and international student policy systems.

    We are still responding to the cyber incident that we alerted our customers, people, other stakeholders and the ASX about on Thursday.

    A forensic investigation continues, and it will take time.

    Medibank CEO David Koczkar said: “We apologise for the disruption this incident caused some of our customers yesterday, but we have made good progress with our systems overnight,” he said.

    “Pleasingly, this means that our ahm and international student customers who have been impacted are now able to resume their normal activities. Importantly, as we’ve continued to investigate all aspects of the incident, we have still found no evidence that customer data has been accessed.

    “As we continue to take decisive action to safeguard our networks and systems, we will take any steps necessary to protect the data of our customers, people and other stakeholders. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more in the coming days.”

    As a health company providing health insurance and health services, we hold a range of necessary personal and private customer data. The protection of our customers and their data security is our highest priority.

    We have sent emails and text messages to Medibank and ahm customers keeping them informed about the incident.

    Medibank Group’s health services continue to be available to our customers, this includes their ability to access their health providers.

    We are in frequent contact with the Australian Cyber Security Centre, our regulators, government departments and other key stakeholders to keep them updated.

    We will also share technical information with peers across the industry as part of our commitment to helping others understand how this incident transpired and to allow our industry peers to bolster their own defences.

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