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    A letter to our customers

    Medibank retail store

    Today we've published an open letter to our customers in media across the country. In it we reiterate our commitment to fully and transparently communicate with our customers and ensure they have the protection and support they need. It reads:

    Our responsibility to you

    For almost fifty years, Australians have trusted us with their health and wellbeing. We’ve never taken that responsibility lightly. We’re sorry for the impact this cybercrime has had on the wellbeing of our customers and we know it’s our job to fix it.

    To our past and present customers, our team at Medibank and ahm would like to thank you for being patient while we continue with our investigation and response. Learnings from this experience will continue to strengthen how we manage and protect your data, and right now our priority is to ensure you have all the protection and support you need.

    We’ve made your data more secure

    We‘re working alongside the best cyber security experts to ensure our systems are better protected. We’ve improved our capability to block overseas and untrusted network access, and added advanced threat monitoring. We are also supporting the Australian Federal Police, who are actively monitoring the internet and known criminal online sites to identify those who are buying or selling stolen information.

    From this week, we’re taking extra security steps to further protect you, starting with two-factor authentication in our contact centres. So when you call for support, we can verify your identity, and be sure we’re speaking with you and not someone else.

    Supporting you

    We’re continuing to make sure you have access to the right people and support, to try to minimise any impact. While our investigation continues, there are currently no signs that financial or banking data have been taken. Also, the personal data stolen, in itself, is not sufficient to enable identity and financial fraud. However, it’s important everyone stays vigilant to any suspicious activity online, or over the phone.

    For all past and present customers who would like support, we have partnered with leading digital security companies and health professionals to create our Cyber Response Support Program, designed to guard, protect and care for those affected. This ranges from cyber security protection advice with IDCARE, Australia’s national cyber identity support service, through to expert identity protection services and specialist mental health and wellbeing support. And if you’re in a uniquely vulnerable position, we’re also providing financial hardship support.

    Strengthening our ability to safeguard your data

    We’ve commissioned Deloitte to carry out an external review of recent events. This review will help inform the changes we make as a company and, where we can, we will openly share its findings with the broader community.It’s not just data that’s affected. It’s people. People we care for, and whose health and wellbeing remains our absolute focus.

    The latest information on the support available to you can be found on our websites:

    Medibank – medibank.com.au/cybersupport
    ahm – ahm.com.au/cybersupport

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