2019 |Annual Review
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Providing more choice through technology

We're harnessing data and technology to deliver a better customer experience, to help make the healthcare system more accountable and improve the way we work.

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Enhancements to our data platforms and digital tools have made it easier for customers to engage with us in the way they choose and enabled us to deliver a more personalised customer experience. We simplified the customer claims process, launching a digital membership card enabling tap and go claims at providers. We also saw strong take-up of our new overseas student health cover app, which was co-designed with a group of students.

And in an Australian first, we used feedback from 37,000 customers to create a platform where people can learn about and compare patients’ hospital experiences. We also shared this data with our hospital partners so they could improve their patient experience.

We’re using data analytics to identify customers who may need greater support and in conjunction with health professionals and researchers providing preventative health programs to help them.

Technology is also helping us bridge physical distances, with the development of an online virtual training program for counsellors allowing us to attract the best talent from across Australia, reducing the time taken to train people while supporting the clinical quality of the program.

Our customers trust us with their personal health information and maintaining that trust through our security and governance systems to protect that data remains our priority.