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Frequently asked questions

How do orthodontic benefits work on Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance?

Extras benefits and limits are only relevant to Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance. 

Your orthodontic entitlement starts with an opening balance, which you can access once your 12 months waiting period is served. Your balance is then topped up with an additional amount for each 1 January following the completion of your waiting period up to a maximum lifetime limit.

Opening balance + Any top ups – Any benefits ever claimed = The benefit you can claim (after waiting periods)

Orthodontic entitlements available on Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance:

Cover Opening Balance Additional annual top ups Lifetime limit
Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance $1000 $500 $3000

Example of orthodontic entitlements on Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance

Dates What you get
towards orthodontics
each year
Your available
balance if no claim
has been made
Date joined -
30 Jun 2011
(opening balance)
Waiting period
ends - 30 Jun 2012
- $1000
1 Jan 2013 $500 $1,500
1 Jan 2014 $500 $2,000
1 Jan 2015 $500 $2,500
1 Jan 2016 $500 $3,000
(Lifetime limit)