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Frequently asked questions

About benefit replacement periods

What's a benefit replacement period?

It's a period of time you need to wait after purchasing an item covered by us before you can receive further benefits to replace the item. For example, if you received benefits for an insulin delivery pen, purchased on 1 July 2011, you can only receive benefits for another one purchased on or after 1 July 2013. 

How long is a benefit replacement period?

This varies from item to item and generally applies per member unless specified in the following table.

Period Benefit
12 months
  • External mammary prostheses
  • Repairs of external prostheses and health appliances
2 years
  • Wigs
  • Hip protectors
  • Insulin delivery pens
3 years
  • Blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors
  • Breathing appliances
  • - nebulisers
  • - peak flow meters
  • - spacing devices
  • Mouthguards (for members up to 18 years of age benefits may be payable for a replacement mouthguard each calendar year)
  • Dentures, crowns and bridges
  • Other health appliances and external prosthesis
5 years
  • Hearing aids
  • CPAP-type devices (where included under your hospital cover)