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Winter workshop guide

The cold weather dampening your creative spirits? Here’s workshops and classes to keep you inspired.

Woodworking at Pop + Scott

Tucked away in Melbourne’s north is a great little co-operative timber workshop and studio space run by Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson. Bristling with creative energy, the space is shared by artists and designers and regular workshops are run for the public. From learning how to make daisy chains to discovering flower painting, there is plenty on offer to try your hand at. This winter and spring they’re running six-week woodworking classes, where you’ll learn the basics of hand and power tools and come away with your very own chopping board and three-seater bench. Head to their website for more information.

Preserving at Cornersmith

Marrickville neighbourhood favourite Cornersmith is the kind of local corner store you wish was in every suburb. Championing homegrown, locally sourced produce, this wonderful team hosts regular trading days and backyard swaps to spread the love of its delicious fruit and veggies. Regular classes and workshops for the community are also held; over autumn they ran a family tomato day, pickling and fermenting classes and gluten free baking days. This winter, hone your preserving skills with their Preserving for the Season workshops on Thursday 3 July and Saturday 19 July. For those with a sweet tooth, the Sweet Preserving class will be a hit, held on Thursday 17 July. Follow Cornersmith on Facebook to stay tuned for more winter offerings.

Letterpress with Saint Gertrude

Saint Gertrude is a design and letterpress studio in Melbourne run by a small team of three. Working on a 100-year-old paten press, the studio creates letterpress stationary, invitations and printing for clients. Classes are also run for members of the public and designers to learn the ancient craft of letterpress printing. Split into two streams, classes accommodate students of varied experience and are held bi-monthly in the lovely Little Gold Studios in Brunswick. Keep an eye out in June for new classes listed on their website.

Chopping and slicing at Matters of Taste

Ever wanted to chop like a chef? Hone your knife skills with a class at Perth-based cooking school Matters of Taste. Learn safe chopping and slicing techniques to make food preparation easier, faster and more enjoyable. Tips on what knives to use on what foods, how to keep them sharp and what to buy are also offered. The Essential Knife Skills classes wrap up with a two-course meal to digest all you’ve learnt. Upcoming classes are available to book online.

Cooking and gardening with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

A bumper season of public cooking and gardening classes are on offer at the ever-popular Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation this winter. Learn the techniques of winter fruit tree pruning, how to whip up vegetarian wontons for steamy soups or uncover the secrets of the fragrant black truffle. Classes are run at the Foundation’s Collingwood College and proceeds go to furthering the work of the not-for-profit organisation.


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