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    Trim for Life

    Forget quick fixes – this new, personalised app is designed to get you in shape for life.

    Trim for Life is a new app by the Weight Loss and Health Institute, designed to help you get in your best shape and stay there over the long term.

    We chat with three contributors behind the app about their own wellbeing journeys, and why they believe this app is a step in the right direction for a healthier Australia.

    Dr Ross Walker

    Describe your own journey to better health.

    I have been practicing medicine for over 35 years, with most of that time in cardiology. One of the major themes of my work has been that the most important treatment of all forms of cardiovascular disease, cancer or any of our common killers is not to get them in the first place – prevention. It is also my firm belief that the vast majority of diseases are preventable, especially with the platform of the five keys to being healthy:

    1.  Have no addictions

    2.  Cultivate a good quality sleep habit every night

    3.  Eat less and eat more naturally

    4.  Three to five hours a week of some form of exercise

    5.  Happiness – the best drug on the planet


    What’s your contribution to Trim for Life?

    As the only medical doctor involved in Trim for Life, I bring to this system the vast medical benefits of sensible eating and a regular moderate exercise habit.  Many of the health messages that are being delivered to the public over the past 20-30 years have been somewhat confusing and contradictory and it is my job for Trim for Life to make these messages concise and understandable.

    How is this app going to make a difference?

    I believe the app will make a difference because it allows each individual to have their own selected team of coaches in their pocket where they will be delivered personalised messages to help maintain and improve their health.

    Arabella Forge

    Describe your own journey to better health.

    I was 25 kg overweight and suffered from chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease as a teenager. After many years of fatigue and frustration, I came to understand the connection between diet and health. By changing my diet, I was able to overcome my illness and also lose weight. I then went on to study science and completed a Masters in Dietetics. My passion now is to teach others about the value of eating well and understanding where your food comes from.

    What’s your contribution to Trim for Life?

    I am the dietitian at Trim For Life, and I share all my knowledge relating to nutrition, food science, good health and home cooking. My main area of interest is digestive health, so I’ll be sharing plenty of information on that topic too.

    How is this app going to make a difference?

    I think this is the first time that a program has been created that works on an individual basis. Most diet programs these days take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach; they assume that the same method will suit everybody, and in most cases, it simply doesn’t work because everybody is unique.

    The other unique aspect of the program is that it focuses on the full spectrum of health, and weight loss is just one part of the picture. This app takes into account a person’s whole body – from hormones, to digestion, to mind-body medicine and personalised coaching.

    Paul Licuria

    Describe your own journey to better health.

    Throughout my career as an AFL player I had to understand what my winning formula was in order for me to have longevity as a player. To know and understand my personal strengths as an individual within this team so that I would be one of the 22-man squad who played week in and week out.

    I researched and studied the best, not just from AFL, but all major sports. From leading athletes to high performing CEOs around Australia, I sought to understand what was most valuable and tailored this around what I needed in order to be successful.

    Without a doubt, while conducting this research the words around ‘health’ and ‘feeling great’ came up in most conversations. I am passionate about sharing this message and helping people understand that we are all different and have different winning formulas to discover.

    What’s your contribution to Trim for Life?

    I discuss via blogs and short video clips the importance of living High Performing values and how this positively affects your health.

    We will explore everything from self-leadership to self awareness and many more tips on leading a High Performing life.

    How is this app going to make a difference?

    This program is personal, no two people are the same so no two programs should be either. That’s what appealed to me about the Trim For Life program.

    The information and coaching you receive changes based on how you’re tracking in the program. You will receive different coaching tips from 13 elite experts every day based on how you are going with your food intake, movement and motivation.


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