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There’s A First Time For Everything: Part 4

Week four has been about resting the body and mind. But have they started relaxing too early?

Erika went down the traditional route of relaxation with some personal yoga classes in her office, taught by her sister – you don’t get more personal than that! Elliot, on the other hand, took the man-friendly option with a round of seaside golf. It was a surprising move for our two most competitive runners in the group, both of whom have usually been committed to several hardcore training sessions each week. Has exhaustion got the better of them just a week out?

In fact, it was Stephen and Claire – the least fit of the four – who amazed us all as they stepped up their training achievements this week. Recent attitudes of “I can’t” or “it’s too hard” were replaced with big smiles and even bigger numbers as their Fitbits showed off new personal best times for them both. Stephen was particularly happy, as he finally reached the 21km mark on his training run. But is once enough?

By the fourth week of clean eating, our First Timers seem to have reached a happy place with their diet with no contraband treats in sight. Instead, the warm spring weather called for fresh and protein-rich salads, with the team posting some of their quirky combinations online. Erika’s hommus and salmon, anyone? How about Elliot’s chicken, apple and greek yogurt creation? Hmm. We might just go with a good old garden salad, actually.

With the final week an important one for our team to get in as much last-minute training as possible, it’s surprising to see the two fitter runners – Elliot and Erika – start to slow down. Maybe it’s the determination of new mum Claire and underdog Stephen to prove their doubters wrong that will see them excel on race day.

Competitive Erika, after all, has set herself an extremely tough time goal – just two short hours to run 21km – is she setting herself up for disappointment? And with persistent injury, will the last minute decision to reduce his training cost Elliot the race?

Let’s cross our fingers for our brave First Timers as they prepare for what will be one of their greatest physical and mental challenges in their life.

So, as they say in the classics…let the games begin!


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