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    There’s A First Time For Everything: Part 3

    Week three is about finding a balance with training, working, socialising and, most importantly, sleep.

    If week two was a struggle for our team, then week three has been about balance. Last week, we saw temptation prove too much for some (we saw those cookies, Stephen) and other priorities like work, family, and illness capture the attention of others. As week three begun, however, our team finally figured out how to balance treats with training, early nights with earlier mornings, and work with exercise. And oh boy, are they tired.

    New mum Claire had ‘one of those moments’ during a training session, with exhaustion bringing on a few tears during a squat track. Fair enough, we say. Squat tracks can bring on tears even without a new baby and sleep deprivation. Stephen struggled with the yawns when facing a grey and cold run last Friday and Elliot had to turn to some upbeat electronic music to pull him through the long runs. Even Erika – the youngest and most energetic of the team – let exhaustion take over when she took an uncharacteristic rest day early in the week.

    In their final stretch to race day, it was great to see our team take on their tiredness with a healthy attitude. Last week’s comfort food treats were nowhere to be seen, with everyone choosing instead to replenish their bodies with protein and carbohydrate rich foods. Erika did breakfast the right way with avocado and feta on toast, whilst Stephen took protein lunches to the next level with his egg and steak sandwich. It seems our personal trainers have finally started to get through…

    And so, tired but focused, Stephen, Claire, Erika and Elliot will be making their last minute preparations this week in anticipation of Sunday’s race. With nothing more to do than sleep well, eat well, not sleep through their alarm and keep injuries at bay, all we can say is – that might be easier said than done.

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