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The journey to IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns: Part Three

With the big day only a few months away, we check in to see how Nick is tracking.

We’ve been following Nick on his training journey for the IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns since September last year. Since our last catch up, we’ve had the notorious festive season, the holiday period and a particularly scorching summer – all big hurdles to the discipline and focus required to train for an endurance event.

Let’s see how Nick has handled these challenges and how he’s feeling ahead of his 8 June deadline.

How’s your training’s going?

I’m trying to step up to double sessions a day now to ensure I’m getting enough training in. I feel like I’m getting fitter but not seeing the aesthetically pleasing results I would have hoped for by now. I guess diet has a lot to do with this stumbling block. The juggling act of work and family is also becoming much more of a challenge now.

How did you go over the summer holidays?

Better than I thought, but based on travel I didn’t have a bike so I lost a little of the bike fitness I would have liked to have this far into the training. On the upside, I gained some running fitness that I was lacking.

What does a typical training week look like now?

I get down on myself if I haven’t had at least one sweat a day. In the past I would go two weeks and wouldn’t think twice if I hadn’t done any exercise. I think whatever happens with the outcome, I’ll be in a mindset of staying on top of my training into my late 30s at least.

How have you measured your training?

I have a Garmin watch for swimming and the Strava training app for my cycling and running. Both are great tools to keep focused on times and provide an overall gauge on where I’m at month to month.

Have you noticed any changes in your health since you started your training?

I actually feel I’ve got more of a spring in my step in the mornings, which is providing a clearer head in the workplace. On the downside, I can’t stay awake later than 9pm so the social side of my life is taking a bit of a hit.

What aspects of your training are you enjoying? 

I’m absolutely loving riding in groups and hating running on my own. I guess this is leading to one discipline being better than the other at the moment.

What expert advice have you received along the way?

I have spoken with an Accredited Sports Dietitian, Siobhan Crawshay who has helped my preparation on eating during and post workouts. These tips have provided energy reserves I didn’t have when I initially started training. I’m also getting some stroke advice for my swimming which is definitely getting me a couple of seconds quicker in the water.

How are you feeling as you get closer to the event?

Honestly, I’m feeling a little concerned I won’t have done enough preparation to post a good time.

How are family and friends helping you on your journey?

On the whole they are supportive but with limited time as it is with work commitments, I know they will be happier when the event is behind me.

Have you set a goal for the event?

I’d like to finish in under six hours.

What are you learning about yourself through this journey?

That with a little willpower you can get up and make the most of each day. I’m also learning that you’re never too old to set fitness challenges, even if you’re not as fast as you were when you were a kid.


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