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    The first step to better health for Gen X

    You don’t need a motivational guru to get healthy, here’s some small steps to get the ball rolling.

    41% of Gen X thinks about improving their health every day. And yet, 3 in 4 say that they’re not motivated enough to start.

    That’s understandable. Life is busy, and there are only so many hours in the day. Juggling work and family takes a lot out of you, and some nights it’s easier to stop for takeout instead of preparing a healthy home cooked meal. And getting to the gym in between rushing around to all your other commitments? Forget it.

    So maybe the solution is getting the whole family involved in making healthy changes together. Head out on a family bike ride at the weekend. Have the kids help you cook dinner, using fresh, nutritious food. 80% of you believe that eating well is what better health looks like.

    All it takes is one small step, then another, then another.

    We wanted to know what Gen X really thinks about better health – what motivates you, what being healthier would look like to you, and what you need to help you reach your goals.  To find out, we asked Australians aged 35-49* to share some of their ideas.

    Here’s what we learned…

    What does better health look like?

    • 80% say it’s about eating well.
    • 1 in 2 say sleeping better.
    • And 1 in 3 would like to be sick less often.

    What stops you from taking the first step?

    • 80% say a lack of time.
    • Half say it’s too expensive.
    • And nearly 1 in 2 say looking after their children makes it difficult.

    What could you do to start? 

    • 71% say eating more fruit and veggies.
    • 2 in 3 would start by drinking more water.
    • Almost half say setting a daily step target.
    • 1 in 3 think cutting back on the booze is the best place to begin.

    Taking the first step might still feel difficult. But because 89% of you agreed that “I want to be healthy so I can enjoy life with my family”, we think it’s worth giving it a go.

    Do you think it’s time to take the first step?

    *The results are based on research conducted by ACA Research with a sample of 1,024 Australians aged 25 or older. Fieldwork was conducted between the 1st and 8th of April 2015, with quotas set on age, gender and location based on population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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