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The Blender Girl smoothie app

Take your smoothie game up a notch with fresh and fruity ideas from The Blender Girl.

Colourful, delicious, and packed full of nutritional goodness, smoothies can be a great way to fill up on vitamins, helping you feel energised and vibrant for the day ahead. Whether you love blending up berries or you’re nuts for green, veggie-ful concoctions, there’s nothing quite like the whir of the blender to give you that fresh, summery feeling.

So what’s your favourite blend? If you’re like us, you can always use a few more ideas – and we’ve found a new treasure trove of delicious mixes. Tess Masters, the culinary creative behind The Blender Girl blog and cookbook, has launched a new app that brings together a huge collection of delicious, healthy and easy to follow smoothie recipes, all using only natural colours and sweeteners.

The Blender Girl app features beautiful photography and plenty of fresh, colourful ideas for healthy smoothies. Looking for something protein rich, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, energising, or detoxing? There’s a wealth of delicious options to choose from. Use the “Feel, Need and Crave” function to find the perfect blend, and choose from alternate ingredients to customise your favourite recipes. You can also search with dietery restriction filters, and add recipes to your shopping list to help make your market trip a breeze.

Tess says the app came about from a desire to spread her love for smoothies and help people find inspiration in the kitchen. “I wanted to share my smoothies with a new audience, and help people make their own amazing blends,” she says. “My recipes are easy to make, loaded with nutrition and take you on a dimensional flavour journey like a textured dish. You can keep the recipes simple, or load up with one, two, or all three optional boosters for ultimate versatility.”

Grab a basketful of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts, plug in your blender and start experimenting!

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