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Sydney Rides Festival

Get ready to pedal – it's all about cycling for the month of October in Sydney.

Get on your tready and celebrate all things bikes this October. This is Sydney’s largest festival of riding and includes events like the National Ride2Work day celebrations on 15 October, with free breakfast and coffee to help you refuel on the way to work.

On 19 October, gear up for Spring Cycle, a series of three family-friendly rides through some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.And if a stunning night-time ride takes your fancy, Sydney Rides the Night on 25 October leads you on a scenic route past light installations and special effects, followed by a festival of gourmet food trucks, interactive video displays and live music by the harbour. Whether you’re a cycling fanatic or you just like the occasional ride around town, there’s never been a better time to get pedalling.

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