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Summer tastes

A few healthy offerings we’ve reviewed to keep an eye out for next time you’re grocery shopping.

Clif bar

The rock climber on the packaging is the giveaway that this snack is for the fit and active! Using organic ingredients with a good mix of protein, carbohydrate and fibre, the Clif Bar is made to provide high quality nutrition. The key to the Clif Bar is the smooth blood glucose response, ie. slow release energy that won’t hit you hard and leave you crashing. We tried a chocolate chip Clif Bar post gym session and it hit the spot – it tasted great, left us feeling full without leaving us feeling heavy.

five:am yoghurt

Organic yoghurteers, five:am, has three new products in its range of award-winning dairy products. With coconut having its time in the sun, five:am has concocted a delicious coconut-flavoured yoghurt that tastes of summer. It made a delicious topping on fresh fruit for an easy breakfast and has only 3.6grams of fat per serve. five:am’s mixed berry drinking yoghurt is another new addition, helping people on the go get their probiotic hit. We poured some over morning muesli but you can drink it straight from the bottle. The raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries offer a winning antioxidant boost. Finally, five:am’s new raspberry powerpak blends low fat organic yoghurt with the fibre of linseed, antioxidants from raspberries and acai. It made a great snack post-gym and the squeezy pack meant it could be tossed in the gym bag along with everything else.

Chia Pod

Chia seeds pack a nutritional punch and The Chia Co, found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, is the world’s largest producer. The company’s latest product is the Chia Pod, a serve of Chia seeds mixed in with coconut milk and fruit. The pods come in a small round package with a handy spoon inside the lid, making them a great snack or quick breakfast option. The texture is quite unusual, like a set jelly, with the soaked seeds throughout. It looks like a dessert and you expect it to be sweet, but it’s not at all. With no added sugar, it is a healthy, ready-to-eat product that offers 100% of your daily intake of Omega 3 and 25% of your fibre. Dairy-free and vegan, the pods come in four flavours – banana, mango, blueberry and vanilla bean cinnamon. Banana was our favourite!


Taking out the acidic quality of traditional Greek yoghurt, Jalna has a new offering – Sweet and Creamy Greek Yoghourt. Still rich in the well-known health benefits of Greek yoghurt, this product is lightly sweetened with fruit juice, so it does away with any added cane sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s creamy and delicious, and can make a much healthier alternative to desserts that call for thickened cream. Pop a dollop on muesli or spoon over a big bowl of chopped fruit and sprinkle with some slivered almonds for breakfast or a snack. Jalna yoghurts are a pot set style and contain 3 million + ABC probiotic cultures per 100g.


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