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Social influencers: Tom Cronin

Meditation teacher, life coach and retreat host Tom Cronin shares tips for a balanced life.

After 26 years as a financial broker, Tom stepped back from the stress and chaos of life to focus on meditation. Now, he strives to help others find inner stillness and calm, and shares daily musings, inspirational images and advice through social media to encourage people along their path to greater wellbeing.  

When and why did you start using social media to promote meditation and wellbeing? 

I started using social media to promote awareness around meditation and wellbeing around 18 months ago. I found that it was a very useful medium to spread the message and the audiences seemed quite enthusiastic for knowledge in this space.

What does a vital and balanced life look like to you?

A vital and balanced life doesn’t have a look but more of a feel. It feels like lots of energy, happiness, being well rested, calmness, physical strength and inner love.

How do you decide what content to post on each platform?

I research to see what receives lots of likes or comments and adjust to what the audience is looking for. Generally people are looking for something positive and uplifting.

What makes social media a beneficial medium for connecting with people?

Firstly it’s free, so it’s a great space to reach an audience without having to spend lots of money. Secondly it enables you to reach a very broad global audience, from wealthy business people to people in small villages in remote regions of the world. I receive emails of gratitude from people all over the world from rich to poor, east to west.

Have you gained any valuable information or insights from interacting with your followers?

Yes, they are always teaching me things. I learn every day from interacting with my audience. I am forever grateful that they participate. One thing I learnt is that what they are interested in hearing and what you think they need to hear can be two very different things. Understanding their needs is essential.

What are your top three tips to help people on their journey to better health?

  1. Meditation and a healthy mind is the foundation for wellness.
  2. Eating food in its most natural state, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy and sugar where possible.
  3. Regular exercise with a blend of strength, stretch and fun – for example, weights, yoga and surfing.


Follow Tom:

Twitter: @Tom_Cronin


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